Reiki healing works well with all animals, especially horses. It benefits your horses own self healing process and may allow it to  better cope with illness and stress related conditions. However your horse does not need to be ill to enjoy the benefit of a Reiki session, it is also an effective means of helping your horse to deal with a variety of hectic or stressful lifestyles.

Reiki is a very simple, non intrusive and extremely powerful process. There is no bodily pressure or manipulation, making it ideal for working with all conditions. As with people, your horse may feel a pleasant sensation of warmth or tingling in the vicinity of the area being worked on and as the healing energies come into balance, the horse may also feel a deep sense of relaxation and well being.

Reiki will complement and may help increase the effectiveness of most kinds of treatment and medication. It is a completely safe, natural and holistic means of well being.

(In the case of any animal injury or illness it is important you always consult your vet first. Whilst Reiki healing does not involve the giving of any medication or any bodily manipulation, it cannot be given unless it has been shown that a vet has been consulted and has approved the use of Reiki )